FERPINTA MOÇAMBIQUE is a company that produces pipes, profiles, steel sheets and agricultural implements located in Beira, Maputo and Nacala, belonging to the Ferpinta Group, which employs more than 1,100 employees in Portugal, Spain, Angola and Mozambique.
The strategic orientation of FERPINTA MOÇAMBIQUE, FERROMOÇAMBIQUE and FERMÓVEL is to grow its industrial presence as the largest producers of steel pipes (steel profiles and other steel products), agricultural machinery and tools and metal structures for school furniture.
The expansion of the distribution network in all the Provincial Capitals of the country, aims to guarantee a high standard of customer satisfaction at competitive prices, being also present in the business strategy and promoting the product “Made In Mozambique”, replacing imports.


With almost 50 years of history, the FERPINTA Group is the result of a journey strongly marked by entrepreneurship and the unceasing pursuit of new challenges.

Over the decades, Portugal has developed an intense spirit of investigation and discovery. FERPINTA arises from this ambitious spirit reflected in its activities around the world.

Beginning the manufacturing and its commercial activities in 1962, the president and founder Mr. Comendador Fernando Pinho Teixeira was at the origin of the construction of this business universe. From the will and determination of an entrepreneur by nature is born FERPINTA, S.A. in 1972.

FERPINTA is constantly developing its technical and commercial know-how, with a main focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty, building the solid image of what it represents today, the largest producer in Portugal of steel tubes and one of the largest independent producers of Europe, implemented in Portugal, Spain, Angola and Mozambique.


The Ferpinta Group is guided by the flexibility and the capacity to respond immediately to the new challenges.
Reference Group in Portugal in the production and distribution of longitudinally welded steel tubes – of which is the largest independent producer in the Iberian Peninsula – its bet in Mozambique dates back to 1998 when it was inaugurated, in Beira, Ferpinta Moçambique – Steel Products Base Industry of Fernando Pinho Teixeira, as a result of Ferpinta’s strategic orientation, focused on the growth of exports, as well as the increase and diversification of markets.
In the same year, FerroMoçambique was set up in Maputo to ensure distribution of the first unit.
Fermóvel was founded a few years later, in 2010, a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of school furniture.
In 2013, FerroMoçambique is created in Nacala, allowing a faster response to customer needs in the north of the country.


FERPINTA MOÇAMBIQUE intends to build its position in the African market and to be a reference in the production and commercialization of steel products, not only in the geographical areas where it is present – Maputo, Beira and Nacala – but also in neighboring areas and countries, benefiting from its privileged Geographical context.
Reaching new markets and consequent increase in exports is part of the company’s growth strategy, based on its strong production capacity and technical and commercial knowledge of its products.
The constant concern for the quality of its products assumes the investment in the latest technical and commercial innovations, seeking to respect the environment and the surrounding resources.
Commitment and ethics represent the definition of our relationship with customers, working proactively to meet their needs, exploring new ideas, processes and solutions.
The recognition, appreciation and qualification of Human Capital plays a crucial role in guaranteeing competitiveness in world markets.